Chief of Nursing Officer, W1 Cluster, Makkah Healthcare - Makkah

Dr. Elham Al-Ateeq has over 25 years of experience; is passionate and committed to leading changes and development of nurses to advance nursing profession Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Al-Ateeq is a past academic dean of two nursing colleges and an active member of many institutions, advisory programs, and has several experiences in international organizations. She presented in national and international Nursing conferences and has many published researches and articles.

Currently she is the Chief Nursing Officer in W1 Makkah Healthcare. She possesses transformational leadership skills, which includes the cultivation of leaders whom can partner to advance strategic priorities that benefit patients, families, clinical nurses, and others within a strong, supportive practice environment.

She works as a collaborative partner not only ensures the advancement of an agenda for change but also enhances communication and provides an opportunity for development of key individuals on the executive team.

By supporting partnerships, and working in collaboration to achieve the health transformation vision and keep talented leaders in the pipeline, those who should be a part of the succession planning process for a smooth leadership transition.

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