Nurse Director, Jubail Health Network - Al-Jubail

Ms. Mai has been successfully leading the nursing department in Jubail Health Network, changing nursing practice and implementing the best practice for better future of young nurses.

Ms. Mai started out her career as a young staff nurse and worked her way up. She will receive her master’s degree in Healthcare Administration.

In her role, she was usually put in the position of mentoring, supervising, or creating plans for staff development, along with her usual nursing duties.
In a world where everything is a trend, Mai is the one constant. From her love of the healthcare profession to her empathetic nature as a driving force, she remains faithful in her abilities and passionate for the practice. To have the ability to embrace change and find the knowledge in yet to be followed is one of Mai’s unique qualities. Strong communication skills and a kind soul have been Mai’s assets in her long career dedicated to service.

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